• gripgrab
    Faroe Islands Mountain Biking
    01 Mar 2017 / Tim Wiggins
    Welcome to our first Wiggle Adventure feature. In this series of Wiggle blog posts, we'll bring you great insights into fantastic places that you could travel to; with your bike, running shoes, or camping kit. For our first blog post, we're heading to the remote Faroe Islands with Danish brand GripGrab. Steep cliffs, isolated settlements, stunning sunrises and sunsets; this is the kind of place you want to take your bike, and explore…
  • gripgrab
    02 Aug 2016 / Richard Pearman
    In this post, staff team racer Richard Pearman gives his opinion on the new GripGrab Race Aero Overshoes; a piece of kit that could provide you with significant marginal gains! The Aero Advantage The new GripGrab Race Aero TT Overshoes are designed to offer you a performance advantage during competition; with a form-fitting cut, and a lightweight...
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    Behind the brand - GripGrab
    23 Jun 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Some brands produce everything: from bikes to helmets, and shoes to seat-posts. Some brands specialise: concentrating their efforts on a small selection of products, and constantly innovating, developing and refining their offering. The Danish brand GripGrab are the latter; producing some of the best cycling accessories the industry has ever seen...