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    Pro mechanic review: X-Tools Home Mechanic Kit
    29 Nov 2017 / Nassrin Chamanian
    The Rolling Fix are a mobile bike mechanic service based in Sydney, Australia. We recently sent them the X-Tools Performance 39 Piece Tool Kit ​ to put through its paces and see how the tools would hold up with daily use on their mobile trike. Their head mechanic Cam shares his thoughts. Like most home mechanic kits I’ve seen, the X-Tools...
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    Staff Review - Knog PWR Rider 450L and Blinder Mob V 4 Eyes
    23 Nov 2017 / Nassrin Chamanian
    In this review, staff rider Nassrin shares her thoughts on two of the latest bike lights from Australian brand Knog . As a year-round cyclist, I demand a lot from my lights. My cycle commute is 37km each way and although during the winter months I alternate with the train more often, even on the days I take the train there's a ride from home...
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    Behind the brand - GripGrab
    23 Jun 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Some brands produce everything: from bikes to helmets, and shoes to seat-posts. Some brands specialise: concentrating their efforts on a small selection of products, and constantly innovating, developing and refining their offering. The Danish brand GripGrab are the latter; producing some of the best cycling accessories the industry has ever seen...
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    Testing the advantages of Rotor Oval Q-Ring Chainrings
    10 May 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Oval chainrings are becoming increasingly commonplace on pro peloton bikes. From Chris Froome, to Bradley Wiggins (for a time); the asymmetric profile of their chainrings is apparent. But, what are the advantages of oval chainrings? We test the Q-rings from Rotor, to see if we can find out…
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    Top rated bib shorts - Redesigned for 2016!
    27 Apr 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    This year some of our previous best-selling and top-rated shorts have been completely redesigned! Why make such changes to your top products, I hear you ask? Because to stay at the top, brands need to keep innovating and making their products the best they can be!
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    Living with Morvélo - Autumn/Winter Shatter Kit
    11 Feb 2016 / Chris Wright
    Over the last year, Wiggle’s staff rider Chris Wright has been ‘Living With…’ the Brighton based brand Morvélo Apparel. In this blog post, he looks at autumn/winter kit from the brand; namely the Shatter ThermoActive Long Sleeve and StormShield Bib Knickers (3/4 lengths). Read on for his report…
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    Cycle to Work Day
    07 Sep 2015 / Berny Breen
    Cycle to Work Day, or as we call it in our house because I commute by bike – Cycle to Work Another Day started off a little bit cold. It seems like we are right on a change of seasons so it was a bit “fresh” as I left the house. It was also dark so lights on ...