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    cyclist, smiling
    01 Feb 2020 / Rob Atkins
    It’s a great excuse to explore an unfamiliar part of the world, according to dhb ambassador Josh Ibbett. But for many cyclists, taking on the 600-mile Race Around Rwanda would be the most daunting of prospects. Josh, who will continue his work with dhb ’s development team in 2020, sets out from the city of Kigali on Sunday. He will...
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    Adventures of Ross and Hannah cycling to China - Stage 3
    30 Oct 2019 / Tara Andrews
    ‘Have I got a puncture?’ Hannah said. ‘Nope, you’ve just got 12 liters of water in your panniers’ Stage 3 of our adventure complete! Kazakhstan. Just saying it makes you feel far from home. As we rolled through our first village we felt like we were on the set of Will Smith’s ‘I am Legend’. Actual...
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    Adventures of Ross and Hannah cycling to China
    30 Jul 2019 / Tara Andrews
    ‘I want to see China’ Hannah said to me one Sunday afternoon over a roast dinner at our local pub. ‘Why don’t we cycle there?’ I said between half a roast potato and fork full of peas. It was as simple as that. On the 5th May we left London. Our bikes that we’d spent the last month or so building were loaded...
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    What makes a bikepacker?
    29 Apr 2019 / Tara Andrews
    We’ve all been on those epic rides, the ones where you want to push on for longer and keep riding for hours, even days, but home is calling. For more and more of us, pushing on is becoming a reality. Bikepacking, adventure biking, touring - whatever you like to call it, it’s got us hooked. Exploring places less travelled, both near and...
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    Meet Karl Booth - Fat Bike Bikepacking Bonkers... 5 Top Tips
    24 Mar 2017
    Meet Karl Booth... he's riding a fat bike from the UK, to the most northern point of Norway. That's a bit bonkers... In this blog post, he provides some bikepacking tips! Karl's Bikepacking Tip #1 - Time efficient endurance training I struggled for many months, not being able to ride at the weekends. It can become quite depressing. To...
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    27 Sep 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    It all began with a map of France. An idea for exploration; for kit testing; for a challenge. From daydreams to reality, staff rider Tim Wiggins turned his 'Coasts and Cols' Tour into a great journey of discovery. Here's his report… --- Last year, Wiggle began stocking ' Outdoor ' apparel, accessories and kit; everything...
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    17 Aug 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Things are finally falling into place for my 'Coasts and Cols' bikepacking trip. The route is finalised (Read my blog: ' Introducing the 'Coasts and Cols' Bikepacking Tour '); the ferry to Santander is booked; the bike is ready to roll (Read my blog: ' 5000km Review - The Kona Private Jake' ). In this blog, I give...
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    Introducing the 'Coasts and Cols' Bikepacking Tour
    28 Jul 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    The Big Ride. The Adventure. The Escape. The Ultimate Kit Test. In this post, staff rider Tim introduces his plans for his bikepacking trip, this September. It has fairly 'epic' proportions… The 'Coasts and Cols' Tour - The Inspiration The inspiration for my 'Coasts and Cols' tour came from a number of sources...