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    dhb winter cycling kit
    22 Dec 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Wiggle staff rider Tim Wiggins provides his full winter cycling kit layout: showcasing some of the great new winter apparel and accessories available from dhb.
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    Kona Private Jake
    13 Dec 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Staff rider Tim Wiggins has been putting in some serious miles since receiving his Kona Private Jake last March. From daily commutes, to mammoth bikepacking adventures. Here's his '10K Review'!
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    vittoria open pave tyres review
    04 Nov 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    The Vittoria Pave tyres are quite possibly the ultimate 'Winter Race Tyre'. By that, I mean they are a tyre that looks, feels and weighs around the same as your high-end cotton cased summer tyres; but they also features a Kevlar protection belt - so they are more resilient to puncturing on winter road debris. The distinctive green...
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    Racing the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)
    04 Nov 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    "Race The OMM, Tim - you'll love it", they said. "Orienteering, mountains, and adventure" were promised. What my colleagues failed to iterate, was the challenge, the weather, and the bogs... all of which feature aplenty on a marathon running event in western Scotland!
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    wiggle lights test
    14 Oct 2016
    In this staff group test, we've picked out a selection of the best sets of bicycle lights on the market for autumn/winter 2016. From urban commuters to mountain bikers, there is a light set here for everyone!
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    Harrys Eastway Emitter R0
    04 Oct 2016 / Harry Staley
    Our Team Wiggle staff riders are all on-board custom Eastway Emitter R0 framesets this year, and each one is build up slightly differently. In this blog post, we take a look at Harry's unique build... --- At my first race of the 2016 season, before I had joined the Wiggle Team, I remember seeing Team Wiggle riders debut their Eastway Emitter...
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    27 Sep 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    It all began with a map of France. An idea for exploration; for kit testing; for a challenge. From daydreams to reality, staff rider Tim Wiggins turned his 'Coasts and Cols' Tour into a great journey of discovery. Here's his report… --- Last year, Wiggle began stocking ' Outdoor ' apparel, accessories and kit; everything...
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    09 Sep 2016
    In this blog post, Wiggle's Chris and Tom take a look at the new, and highly innovative GORE-TEX ONE running jacket . With it's new 'shake-dry' constant-beading technology, it's an incredible piece of kit! Meet Tom Role: Replenisher, Nutrition Interests: Loves being outdoors whether running through the singletrack trails or...
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    08 Sep 2016
    So where do we start/finish? It's been said to me many times before I embarked on this challenge, that undertaking a full distance Ironman is "a journey". It's not just doing the event, but everything that gets you to the start line. When I started my training, I was of my normal "yeah, it will be fine; give me a plan to...
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    Ed's Summer Cycle Touring Trip
    05 Sep 2016 / Ed Tibbitts
    Last month, Team Wiggle's Ed Tibbitts ventured out on his first bikepacking tour; taking in Croatia, Italy and then Switzerland. To provide an insight into the joys and excitement of a cycle tour, he's written this great blog post. --- This August, I flew out to Split (Croatia) with a friend, then cycled 900 kilometres back to Zürich (...