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    Rotor INpower crankset
    27 Mar 2017 / Tim Wiggins
    The Rotor INpower 3D+ MAS power meter is a crank-based powermeter, with the electronics and strain gauge housed in the left-hand crank arm and crank spindle. I fitted the unit to my Kona Private Jake cyclocross bike , and have been battering and beating it with British weather for the last three months of racing and training. It is holding up well...
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    ORS Hydration Tablets
    17 Aug 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    People underestimate the importance of hydration. It is more important than carbon wheels; more important than aero helmets; hell, it's probably also more important than your Garmin. Hydration is a performance dictator. Even a one percent loss of water weight, has the potential to seriously reduce how hard, and how fast, you can ride or run...
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    picture of Christina and friends with their road bikes
    27 May 2015 / Christina Lindquist
    Over the Easter Break, I headed out to the Loire Valley in France for a training weekend with a few of the other guys training for IM Zurich, we were lucky enough to stay with some friends in their holiday apartments.
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    Christina with friends on holiday
    10 Feb 2015 / Christina Lindquist
    In this blog, Wiggle's own brand marketing manager Christina Lindquist talks about her goals for 2015 and what challenges she has lined up for the year ahead. This year I will cross the finish line at Ironman Zurich - Christina Lindquist I have to say that sentence with conviction, not 'I will attempt' 'I will take part in'...
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    split image of Ben's living room and his training road bike
    19 Jan 2015 / Ben Gray
    With this year being the 25th Anniversary of Windsor Triathlon, a truly iconic event, it seemed as good a reason as any to jump back into the sport after a year and a bit of sporadic frolicking.
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    split image of two triathletes
    12 Jan 2015
    I’m going to cover a lot of tips and topics including nutrition and time management and others but the most important thing for you now is to get started with your training.