• gravel bike
    Top gravel bikes under £2000 2022
    04 Oct 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Gravel bikes have recently exploded in popularity and it's easy to see why. Sturdy and capable, they can tackle just about any terrain. If you've been thinking about making the leap, now is the perfect time to buy with some unbelievable end-of-season discounts on offer. So broaden your horizons and get set for adventure - here's our...
  • gravel bike
    WIN Adventure Bundle worth £1700
    16 Aug 2022 / Damien Whinnery
    We were crazy enough to ride The South Downs Way in a heatwave. Watch the vid and you can win over £1700 worth of the kit that got us through.
  • gravel bike
    Gravel bike upgrade adventure bike
    28 Apr 2021 / Nassrin Chamanian
    You've got your first gravel bike...but now you want to upgrade it. Sam takes you through all the best upgrades for your new gravel bike and most importantly, why they help with your riding. The bike We chose to start with the Vitus Substance VRS-2 Adventure Road Bike . It's an aluminium frame with a carbon fork, fitted with Shimano GRX...
  • gravel bike
    Mixing it up with the Michelin Power Gravel
    12 Sep 2018 / John Bradford
    When it comes to tyres, I usually select based on whether they have a tanned wall, or I just replace like for like. I had heard good things about Michelin but never used them, so I was excited to have the opportunity to try their new tyres. My cycling is pretty varied. I commute by bike and at the weekends I love exploring country lanes or gravel...
  • gravel bike
    Choose your own adventure
    11 Sep 2018 / Ben Gray
    Not all adventures have to be epic. You don’t need to scale a mountain or spend days in a jungle to have an adventure worth sharing. Sometimes it’s the little ones, the weekenders that bring the biggest smile to your face. Ever since a friend of mine moved to just outside of Bristol, I’ve wanted to ride there from Portsmouth. So...