• skincare
    How Skincare Can Improve Cycling Performance
    10 Jul 2019
    ​How can skincare affect your performance? We asked Premax CEO Randall Cooper (Sports Physiotherapist B.Physio, M.Physio, FACP). Here's what he told us. When it comes to taking a few seconds or minutes off your favourite loop most people look to log in more training miles, start a strength training program, spend an extra few thousand pounds...
  • skincare
    Andy Tennant’s grooming rules for winter cycling
    19 Oct 2018
    I won’t lie. Winter is miserable. After a five- or six-hour ride in the rain and wind (or even as short as 30 minutes some days) I often wonder how braving these elements on such a regular basis has had an impact on the look and feel of my skin. Like many people, I never used to be that concerned with skincare. However, since I've...