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    Best Trail Running Shoes 2021: Off road trainers
    29 Jun 2021 / Gabriella Burden
    If running through the woods, over twisted roots, under branches, on gravel, uphill, downhill and on single tracks is your thing, you're going to need a pair of running shoes that can tackle this technical terrain. We've pulled together a list of the best trail running shoes of 2021 to help you get the most out of every run, on or off the...
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    Under Armour HOVR Machina can make you a better runner. Here's how.
    05 Feb 2020 / Nassrin Chamanian
    With the Nike Vapourfly sparking controversy even in the mainstream press, cutting-edge developments in running shoe tech are becoming almost as high-profile as the athletes themselves. Under Armour is a relative newcomer to the race, but they think their innovative HOVR™ Machina could give you an almost unfair advantage, whether you're...
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    Ten tips for your last minute race prep
    03 Oct 2019
    So your big race is approaching? You’re probably a mix of excitement and nerves. We asked Asics Frontrunner Becca Burns for her top tips to help that last minute race prep feel a bit less daunting Sleep, nutrition, hydration and rest The hard work has been done in your training. Now it's time to ease up, eat well, stay hydrated and get...