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    How can recovery help you to improve?
    31 Jul 2019
    Nick Anderson is the founder of Running With Us and a vastly experienced England Athletics endurance coach with over 25 years of coaching and personal training experience, working with runners, cyclists and triathletes across the UK. We asked him to tell us why recovery is just as important as training. When training for an event most keen...
  • wellbeing
    How Skincare Can Improve Cycling Performance
    10 Jul 2019
    ​How can skincare affect your performance? We asked Premax CEO Randall Cooper (Sports Physiotherapist B.Physio, M.Physio, FACP). Here's what he told us. When it comes to taking a few seconds or minutes off your favourite loop most people look to log in more training miles, start a strength training program, spend an extra few thousand pounds...