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Team Spectra burst onto the UK cycling scene in April 2021 with a mission to shake up cycling. We caught up with Team Principle Bruce Dalton on what the team have been up to and take a first look at their new team kit.

The self-styled cycling supergroup Team Spectra has only been in existence for a couple of months, but they've already made their mark across mountain bike, road racing and cyclocross and conquered some mammoth challenges in-between racing. 

As the team unveil their new (and surely set to be iconic) kit, we get the lowdown from Bruce on the story so far and what's coming next.

Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus

Team Spectra is still very young. What have you been up to so far?

It’s been a whirlwind, but fantastic fun. We’ve been stepping up the prep and building the behind the scenes of the team and all the infrastructure needed to achieve our goals over the next 3 years. We’ve started racing but it's been a case of incognito in our black kit and subtle look, now that’s all about to change.

Xan Crees Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus

What has been the highlight for you as Team Principle?

For me, it's been wicked to see the riders bond and develop some really good team experience particularly as we’re a mixed-gender team.

I guess as well to see riders going straight onto the podium of events is brilliant too. It's not all about results for us but they do help.

Ben Chilton Team Spectra Wiggle

We loved following your coast-to-coast challenge. Tell us more about the day.

Well, it was a heck of a day out I must say. One of the harder rides I’ve done recently. It was great that we had no mechanicals or full-on bonks amongst the eight of us who rode - an achievement in itself considering the ride was over 240km.

I had a tough patch with around seven hours of riding in my legs so Mikey [Mottram] sat on the front at 40kph for an hour or so. That was a dark spot! The view descending into Whitby was fantastic though. 

Team Spectra Wiggle P/b Vitus

Why are these non-racing events so important to the team?

We felt from the beginning it was important that we did things normal riders can relate to and replicate and even invite other teams to challenge us. For example, our Coast to Coast route is freely available on Komoot and we'd love it if somebody else came along and beat our time of 8 hours 44 minutes.

Racing is fantastic and we’re still ultimately a performance team but these tangible events are real events that bond our riders and staff - they’re just good fun.

Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus

You've just revealed your new team kit. What's the story behind the design?

Our kit uses only two colours - black and gold. Why gold? It’s an underused colour in the bunch and the earthy tones blend well into our off-road roots. And cause, gold.

The patterns we used to represent our brand DNA reflect the disciplines we want to be competitive in. They are the ATCG that make up our riders and races.

Where can we see the team race this year? And what events are you most looking forward to?

We’ll hopefully be in action at National MTB Series, Grinduro, TransWales, The Tour Series, Cyclo-Cross world cups, National Road and Cyclo-Cross series, the Tour of Cambridgeshire, Raiders Gravel, Dirty Reiver, Kings Cup Gravel and lots of other smaller events.

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