Swim, bike, run. The three components of a triathlon. Simple, right?

What many people don't realise is that there's actually a fourth discipline in a triathlon. 


How do you switch from swim to bike, then bike to run without getting flustered and making costly mistakes, or taking a big chunk of time? The clock's still ticking!

It all comes down to organisation. Plan ahead with our three favourite race day hacks and you'll be sailing through transition like a seasoned pro.

Hack 1

Secure your cycle shoes to your bike with elastic bands so they're ready for you to jump on and get going. Just remember to detach them before you try to speed away.

Hack 2

Attach energy gels to your bike by securing with tape. Tape just above the tear line on your gel wrapper so when you retrieve it from your bike you're ripping it open at the same time.

Hack 3 

Make sure you line up everything you need in the transition area in order of when you'll need it. Put your shoes on your pedals and rest your helmet and shades on your handlebars so you can seamlessly transition to the bike. Leave your running shoes and any accessories such as a visor on the floor to one side.

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Published on: 09 May 2019

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