ORS Hydration Tablets

People underestimate the importance of hydration. It is more important than carbon wheels; more important than aero helmets; hell, it's probably also more important than your Garmin.

Hydration is a performance dictator. Even a one percent loss of water weight, has the potential to seriously reduce how hard, and how fast, you can ride or run.

This season, I've been training and racing using Array. These are simple effervescent tablets, when added to water, provide you with a scientifically proven balanced formula of electrolytes, glucose and minerals; helping you optimise your hydration.

My events calendar so far this year has taken me through a whole range of conditions; from Italian heat, to torrential monsoons. Hydration plays a part, whatever the weather.

ORS Hydration Tablets

O.R.S have a really handy App (Link), into which you plug your body weight, activity type and environmental conditions; it then provides you with the recommended fluid consumption for that day. It's a great reminder of how much to drink, and how often; I have used it at events like Ride London, to ensure that I optimised my bottle carrying and drinks stops throughout the event.

The O.R.S Hydration tablets are one of the nicest electrolyte drinks that I've tried to date. They have a smooth, non-acidic taste; they also don't contain un-necessary colours or additives. You can have up to 10 in any 24 hour period, and you can also just use them as an everyday hydration aid in hot conditions and climates (I find the flavour helps me to drink more water throughout the day).

If you need to be encouraged to drink more, or you think you might not be drinking enough, then these are well worth a look!

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