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It's been a few months since the Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind trainers were released and we're still loving them. Here's why.


Under Armour spent three years designing the sole of the Flow Velociti running shoes, wanting to make them as light to wear as possible. They replaced the typical bulky rubber outsole with a foamy-feel midsole base, losing 85g of weight. The shoe is ideal for neutral everyday runners and the cushioning of the midsole also does well over long miles. The benefit of comfort from the cushioning is great but they can also kick out some speed thanks to the 'barely there' feeling.

These are some of the most lightweight pairs of trainers on the market, which don't sacrifice durability. This is a big feature that gets the thumbs up from us, especially if you're putting in a lot of miles each week.

Under Armour FLOW Velociti Wind Running Shoes


The upper mesh fabric of the shoe is knitted which instantly makes you think these running shoes are going to be hot and sweaty, however, the UA Warp has got a great airflow and keep your feet temperature regulated on all runs. The mesh is also supportive - not so much that your feet feel trapped or restricted, but enough to keep you in place with each step throughout the whole movement.

There's nothing worse than your foot sliding around in your shoes causing blisters, apart from shoes that lock your feet in too tight that you start to get pain in your legs. The UA Flow Velociti Wind running shoes are therefore a winner in our books, or as Goldilocks would say 'just right'.

Under Armour FLOW Velociti Wind Running Shoes

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Map My Run

If all of the above wasn't enough, the shoes also easily connect to UA's running app 'Map My Run' so even if you forget to start your watch (#RunnersProblems) or your phone dies, you can still access data about your activity.
Plus if you plug in your earphones, the app gives you real-time updates on your running style or coached sessions so you can get the most out of your training.

Staff reviews

Having run in the Machina's previously, I was keen to see how UA's attempt at a light race shoe would perform. On the scales, it comes in competitively light vs an adidas Boston and you can really feel this underfoot. The Warp upper knit may be see through but it does a great job of supporting the upper foot, while the exposed foam gives just the right amount cushioning to keep you comfortable & fast and not bogged down. I've used these over varying distances from 5 to 20km and I've been impressed on each occasion. As with all UA Hovr shoes, you get the inbuilt footpod which links to mapmyrun, giving you additional coaching content.

I run a fair few miles each week, from 5km to half marathons and I felt the UA Flow Velociti Wind running shoes suited all distances. Yes, they are lightweight but for me, it's all about comfort. I love the cushioned sole, but the upper mesh material is what impressed me. They fit my feet perfectly, giving me support with each stride but with enough flex that I can get a true range of motion. Also - they are very breathable, so my feet aren't steaming when I take the shoes off.

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