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Vitus rebrand launch

“Life is complicated enough,” states Vitus on their newly honed approach, as the bike brand launches a new commitment to support ‘real riders’.

Releasing its new brand promise in August , Vitus declared its belief that the real, lived experiences of bike owners will be at the heart of everything it does.

Vitus wrote: “Our bikes aren’t meant to be hung on walls; they’re meant to be ridden.

“And we don’t believe anyone needs to dress in co-ordinated kit to ride them. We’re not here to judge.”

Vitus bikes relaunch

Vitus is well known for providing a lot of bike for the money and have reinforced that aspect of the brand with their new tagline: “We make extraordinary bikes for real riders.”

The updated positioning follows on the heels of the brand launching its new retail website, where all things Vitus is celebrated in a bespoke setting for bike lovers.

And it’s those bike lovers that Vitus wants to connect with through it’s new public-facing attitude.

Vitus say 'real riders' are at the centre of their new purpose

“It’s okay by us if your chain isn’t always shiny and you sometimes put your bike away dirty,” it said. “It’s the pleasure of riding that’s important. Not silly rules about how you should ride. Or who you should ride with.

“Life is complicated enough without adding extra stuff to worry about.”

The brand shift comes in the wake of Vitus throwing its weight behind Team Wiggle Spectra, a new cross-discipline bike team of male and female riders.

Team Spectra Wiggle powered by Vitus

The team, launched in the middle of the pandemic, has approached everything differently, from the make-up of its roster to the events it takes on, including conquering coast-to-coast runs across Britain and the TransPyrenees endurance challenge.

But what is at the heart of Team Spectra Wiggle is very much the same as what will drive Vitus – real riding by real riders. 

Vitus rebrand launch

Speaking about the launch, Vitus marketing manager Alex James said: “It’s such an exciting and refreshing way to talk about what we do and how we stand against a focus on the elite, and any sort exclusivity and snobbery within cycling. We want to challenge the status quo and put real riders first by bringing performance bikes to the everyone."  

Vitus senior product manager, Jodie Shann, added: “Developing extraordinary bikes for real riders has always been within our brand DNA. It’s something that myself and the rest of the product development team are passionate about and is at the heart of every bike we design." 

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