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ZX-1 EVO / 7 ZX-1 EVO CRX ETAP AXS 2021 aero road bike

It's been two years in the making. Totally re-imagined from the ground up, the latest Vitus ZX-1 Evo has been designed specifically to make you go faster.

When it came to creating the new 2021 ZX-1 Evo, the team at Vitus decided to start again from fresh with one thing in mind. Speed. Vitus wanted to make a bike that looks fast, feels fast and is aerodynamically fast.

How fast? Vitus want to leave that up to you. They won't try to tell you how many minutes faster you'll be over a certain distance because they understand that nobody rides in a lab. Rider position, kit, weather conditions and all kinds of other variables come into the mix out on the road. 

In aero testing, the new ZX-1 exhibits up to 45% less drag than the previous model when built up as a full bike. The team has done the science to validate their design decisions and rest assured this bike is fast.

Vitus ZX-1 EVO road bike aero

What’s new?

The frame

How is the new ZX-1 Evo frame so much faster than the previous version? According to Vitus Road Product Manager Jodie Shann, 'Tube shapes and full cable integration are the main updates to this iteration of the ZX-1. We’ve never aerodynamically integrated every aspect of a bike in this way before. We’ve tested not just the frameset, but every aspect of the bike to ensure it's as fast as possible.'

Using a better grade of carbon has allowed Vitus to make the new ZX-1 Evo frame even lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. Additionally, they worked with world-class component brand FSA to design the cable integration which is used across the range.

Vitus ZX-1 EVO road bike aero

The new race-ready frame geometry is equipped with size-specific forks and disc brakes are standard across the range. 

Vitus ZX-1 EVO road bike aero

The components

Throughout the range, Vitus have used exactly the same frame and built it up with what they believe to be the best available components on the market at each price point so you can expect high-performance whichever model you choose. 

A mix of electronic and mechanical drivetrains from Shimano and SRAM and cockpits from FSA and Prime is available.

Vitus ZX-1 EVO road bike aero

Vitus say it's their fastest bike ever, but now it's up to you. 

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