Wahoo KICKR V5 turbo trainer

Wahoo say their new KICKR will give you the most realistic riding experience yet, but what makes it so special?

The surge of interest in turbo training from riders everywhere has sparked accelerated innovation in indoor training technology.

And Wahoo’s much-loved KICKR platform has been one of the most popular around with its focus on accuracy and real-ride feel.

So, with a slew of new advances, the promise of even greater realism is an exciting prospect for passionate pain-cavers.

Here’s a look at its standout improvements.

Precise Power

Wahoo KICKR V5 turbo trainer

The new KICKR now features automatic calibration which means you no longer have to perform spin downs. The unit itself now performs these periodically and autonomously. It detects when you’re coasting then uses the opportunity to check the levels of drag, maintaining accurate power data within 1%+/-.

Ride feel

Wahoo KICKR V5 turbo trainer

New Axis feet provide three stiffness levels while the unit offers five degrees of side-to-side movement.  When you stand up to climb or get in the drops to out-sprint your rival, you can replicate that natural side-to-side motion you use outdoors.

This subtle movement helps to reduce fatigue allowing you to train harder and longer.

Virtually Silent

According to Wahoo, the new KICKR is so quiet, all you hear is the chain on the gears.

Professional grade durability

Wahoo KICKR V5 turbo trainer

The KICKR has been tested by some of the most demanding athletes in the world.


The ​KICKR has a port on the back of the unit to support potential future accessories focused on improving network connectivity.

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