In July 2020, the UK government announced ambitious plans to boost infrastructure for cycling as a means of transport. A new set of standards has been published in the Cycle Infrastructure Design document to help local authorities design facilities that will make cycling more accessible for all. 

We asked our social media community if their local cycling infrastructure could use some improvement and the photos they sent ranged from baffling to downright dangerous. Here are some of our favourites.

Pype Hayes, Birmingham. According to Richard Dewsbery, 'there are a couple of miles of cycle path running along this stretch of A452, providing excellent off-street parking for hundreds of cars, almost completely blocking it for large sections.

'But yes, this section has steel railings right across the width of the path.'

Anyone know where this is or what you're meant to do here? Thanks to Kate Fulke for sending this one in.

What about this bit of amazing design? Spotted by Chloe Woolf in Brockenhurst. 

'This is about 5 miles down the road from me. Use the cycle lane they said, cycle straight into a parked car they said...'

According to Ian Jenkins, 'Yes ...... this is a designated cycle path. The boy on the bike is 5 years old !!!!!!'

We just hope he spots the parked car before it's too late!

Phillip Wilkinson looks at the positives. 

'Good job they put a cycle route around that sign, would hate to cycle into it.'

London is leading the way with its 'Cycling Superhighways' and we think this clever bit of infrastructure is an innovative solution to the age-old problem of what to do with bus stops. Spotted by Sam Khamtonwong.

As Andrew Ward discovered, the old menace of parked cars in the cycle lane isn't exclusive to the UK. This photo was taken in Limassol, Cyprus.

Matthew Collyer found this excellent spot for testing your agility. 

This multi-purpose facility, spotted by Paul Marshall, doubles up nicely as somewhere to install temporary road signs. 

They probably meant well...? Spotted by Matt Vickery.

Got any more? Or maybe it's not all bad and there's some excellent cycle lanes in your local area? We'd love to hear from you.

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