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Packing a kit bag the night before a big race is often stressful. ‘Packing anxiety’ is a real term coined to explain the utter panic many people feel when it comes to packing for important events.

A lot of people will have experienced the universal ritual of packing a bag, reckoning the task is done, forgetting whether or not a crucial item is in said bag, then unpacking and repacking. Often more than once. This phenomena of ‘did I put that in?’ is something that most triathletes feel on the regular.

What can make packing for a triathlon a lot easier, is knowing exactly which bits of kit you need to bring and how to pack it. There are lots of smaller bits of kit that can often get overlooked, and come race day you don’t really want to be rummaging through your bags and discovering you’ve forgotten your goggles, tri suit or even wetsuit.

Firstly, having a trusty, reliable and sturdy bag to put all your kit in is the first step to a successful packing venture. The Zone3 Transition Backpack is the perfect example. With multiple storage spaces big enough to fit in every piece of kit you need for each part of the tri, the Transition Backpack proves to be fully waterproof with a durable outer fabric to protect your kit and essentials. With a separate wetsuit storage area, the Transition Backpack is the ideal place to store your wetsuit when travelling to and from events and training. Big enough to put every bit of your kit in it, but also airline travel-friendly – this is the perfect bag to put your faith in.

The night before a triathlon should be spent sleeping, not packing. To help you rest easy, we’ve made a handy checklist to make sure you’re cool and collected when it comes to opening your kit bag on the event day.

Swim Kit

Simply put, the most important piece of kit for your swim is whatever you choose to wear during it. Whether that’s a wetsuit, a tri suit or just a pair of swim shorts. However, there are a few accessories that can help improve your performance and comfort too.


Depending on what type of race you’re doing and what the body of water you’ll be in dictates, you’ll most likely be swimming in a wetsuit. Due to safety reasons, if the water temperature is below 21°C a wetsuit is compulsory. For anything above that temperature, a tri suit or other swimwear is appropriate.

The type of wetsuit you wear is ultimately decided by your level of performance. If you consider yourself a novice triathlete, entry-level wetsuits such as the Zone3 Advance are more suitable, whereas, for more elite triathletes, a Vanquish should be considered. Both suits are designed to make you faster in the water, with materials added to provide extra buoyancy, flexibility and comfort.



Goggles are a crucial bit of kit if you don’t fancy swimming blindly. The goggles you wear during your swim can determine how you perform, as they save you from panicking about sight. Zone3 goggles are designed with lenses specifically to help you sight better and have ultra-soft silicone gaskets to keep you comfortable throughout the entire swim.

The Vapour Goggles are perfect for swimming outdoors, with anti-fog treated lenses, 100% UVA/UVB protection and photochromatic lenses to adapt to the conditions.

Bike Kit

Tri suit or separate top and shorts

The bike portion of your triathlon requires tri wear, in the form of either a full tri suit or a tri top paired with tri shorts. When choosing tri wear, you need to analyse the distance you’ll be racing and also if you need to take anything with you. Most tri wear is designed with pockets so you can hold onto essentials such as a phone or nutrition.

Zone3 tri wear is loved universally, with collections ranging from shorter distance triathlons to full distance triathlons.

If you need a one-piece suit for a long-distance event, look no further thank the Lava. The Cytech Iron performance pad was developed for saddle comfort at Ironman distance and there's a large functional pocket so you'll have plenty of carrying capacity for nutrition.

The Activate Plus Top and shorts combine high performance, quality and style. The looser fit and tri-specific pad will keep you comfortable.


Run Kit

Sunglasses and cap or visor

During the run, you’ll be able to continue the race in whatever you were wearing during your cycle. A great addition to the run would be a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight and keep you comfortable throughout the run. If you’re running in heat, it’s also advisable to wear a visor or running hat to make sure you’re fully protected in the warmer weather. The Zone3 Race Visor is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable on the run.