What do I need for a gravel bike adventure?

Whether you're going on an all-day off-road adventure or you're planning to take your gravel bike on an epic bike packing tour, we can't think of a more fun way to explore the roads less travelled. Here's our guide to getting started with gravel biking.

Why is gravel riding so popular?

In recent years gravel riding has exploded in popularity. The UCI has even announced a new Gravel World Championship with rainbow stripes now up for grabs in the growing discipline. 

For the majority of riders it remains a more relaxed and casual way to explore without the worries that sometimes accompany sharing roads with other vehicles. It's not weighed down by the rules and traditions of road cycling so it's fine if you don't want to wear lycra. Forgot to put Strava on? Who cares! Gravel riding can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you're having fun.

While you're having such a good time, you'll be improving your bike handling skills without even realising it. Learning to negotiate rocks and roots on the trail will help to bolster your confidence and skills on the roads which, as we all know, vary greatly in surface quality.

Another thing we love about gravel is that, since gravel bikes will work just fine on tarmac, you can start to really explore the unfamiliar even on your well-ridden local routes. Always wanted to know where that trail goes that you pass on your regular Sunday road ride? On a gravel bike you can effortlessly hop on-and-off-road and discover all those hidden gems you might have missed otherwise.

What do I need for a gravel bike adventure?

Getting your gravel bike ready

We love gravel bikes because they're so versatile. Gearing is typically pretty generous to allow you to power up technical climbs, the roadie-style drop handlebars give you more options for grip and the frame is burly enough to chuck about. However, there's a few things you might want to consider changing or adding to your gravel bike to optimise it for the trails ahead. 

Gravel bike tyres

Gravel bikes often come supplied with semi-slick tyres and this is often the first thing people swap out. If you're going to be tackling loose or muddy terrain, you'll need something with a bit more grip. 

 Tap here for our guide to gravel bike tyres

You'll also need to make sure the tyre pressure is right for your gravel ride. Inflating your gravel tyres to a higher pressure will make the bike harder to control as you bounce off roots and rocks. A lower tyre pressure means you'll have more grip but can also lead to a higher puncture risk. Many gravel riders are moving to a tubeless setup so that they can run a lower pressure without worrying about an inner-tube pinch-flat. 

 Tap here for our guide to tyre pressure

Gravel bike bags

For those days when you go left instead of right, get totally lost, find new trails you never knew existed, then end up riding against the setting sun back to civilization, you might want to carry a few tools, spares and maybe extra clothes and food. On a gravel bike, luggage options are seemingly limitless. An oversized saddle bag or handlebar bag lets you carry all the essentials without the sweaty back. There's even bags that sit neatly on your top tube for access to those all-important snacks.


Garmin Edge Explore GPS Cycle ComputerIt's nice to be able to explore trails unknown, but it's also nice to not be completely lost. We love the Garmin Edge Explore GPS Cycle Computer because the high-resolution color display makes mapping data easy to read. Turn-by-turn navigation means following a route is easy but if you stray off-track it will automatically re-route. and there's also trendline popularity so you can see where other riders like to go. 

If you're heading out on your own, look for a GPS computer that has live tracking like this one does so that loved ones at home can keep track of where you are. There's also incident detection which you can set up to notify somebody of your location in the event of a collision.


What to wear on a gravel bike ride

The beauty of gravel biking is that you can really get into the great unknown, but this also means that you could be miles away from civilization for hours. Unless you live somewhere with consistently lovely weather, it's a good idea to be prepared for whatever the day might throw at you. 

Do you need gravel-specific cycling kit?

As gravel cycling grows in popularity, more and more brands are developing gravel-specific kit. Of course, there's no reason why you can't make use of your existing road or mountain bike kit and depending on the kind of ride you're doing, you might find it more comfortable.

If you're going to be embarking on longer gravel rides or multi-day adventures, clothing designed specifically for the job might start to make more sense. 

Gravel kit is typically more streamlined than full-on mountain bike kit but much more hard-wearing than your typical roadie lycra so it can withstand brushes with overgrowth and even the odd tumble.

Because gravel riding is all about exploring and adventure, you'll need to be prepared for anything and you might end up fending for yourself. Kit with plenty of pockets lets you keep extra snacks close at hand and look out for extra weatherproofing and breathability. If you're splashing through puddles, you'll be thankful for waterproof shorts.

What do I need for a gravel bike adventure

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Gravel riding technique 

All kitted up? Here are a few tips from Team Spectra boss and gravel guru Bruce Dalton on the technique that will help you to get the most from your ride.

Where's your next adventure?

Once you've got to grips with gravel grinding days out, we're certain that you'll be wanting more. Gravel bikes normally have plenty of places to mount luggage and, because you can take them almost anywhere, they're perfect for multi-day adventures. 

There's loads of routes available online but if you need some inspiration, here's our videos from when we explored the South Downs Way and King Alfred's Way in the South of England. 

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