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image of Tim's kit bag

Kit preparation is always a big thing for me; everything from bikes to bottles has to be prepped and ready before a big ride or race, and it pays to be organised. This post features my kit bag before I headed off to a 60 mile summer road race.

What bag to choose?

Before starting with the kit itself, and what goes inside the bag, it's worth considering the bag itself. What makes a good kit bag?

My choice is the EVOC 40L Duffel bag; it ticks a lot of the boxes of a perfect kit carrier. Firstly, it's well made: the bag is constructed from ultra high strength Tarpaulin, making it water resistant and super robust; there is no chance of your kit getting wet if you dump this bag down in a puddle or have to stand out in the rain before an event. Second, it's surprisingly cavernous: throw in all your kit and it will happily swallow it up, yet it's not heavy like a roll-on bag. Thirdly, you can wear it as a rucksack with the two padded shoulder straps: this means it's ultra portable if you need to jump on your bike to ride to the event HQ, or you need to ride home from an event. It's a duffel bag that can take all the gear, and then be carried to and fro from an event with ease and comfort.

Evoc travel bag


What goes in the bag?

Time to get down to the kit... here's my list for a standard summer event:

Riding Kit:

Wiggle kit bag

assortment of cycle clothing image


Wiggle kit bag nutrition pic


Evoc bag pic

Evoc bag opened image

Assortment of items on grass


GripGrab products on display on grass


 adidas Evil Eye sunglasses[/caption][caption id="attachment_3849" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Cycling-kit-bag Finally, a small microfibre towel is great to cleaning up after a race, and EVOC Safe Pouches keep valuables safe from wet kit[/caption]

Kit bags are very personal things, and everyone packs different things.

What do you take? Tweet/Facebook us using the #GoodStuff to let us know what you pack for a day away.

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Published on: 21 Jul 2014

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