With the New Year upon us, we find out how some of our very own Wigglers are challenging themselves in 2019. From running 100 miles in one go, to qualifying for Team GB triathlon age group team, one thing we know is that 2019 will be a busy year!

We'll be following up with them throughout the year - stay tuned for updates! 

Martin McKinlay - Run Buying Manager

'This year my two challenges are to qualify for the Team GB age group team for the Championships in Sweden, and also to do one better at the London Triathlon, where I finished 5th this year.

'My training this year is going to step up to six days a week - working a lot more in the gym to work on my strength and to cut my swim time down. The biggest sacrifice will be to do as much as I can in my lunch break. I'll be utilising the local pools, the local lido and the trails, so I can spend more time with the family on evenings and weekends.

'The reason for doing it all is just the feeling you get when you pass the finish line and see the time you've taken off.'

Connor Christie - Commercial Designer

'My challenge for 2019 is to run a marathon. The main motivation is that it's something I've seen as unattainable, something I can't do.

'I look at the distance and think it's ridiculous. How do people even manage to do that! But people do it and since I started working at Wiggle I've met so many people doing so much stuff, whether it's cycling, swimming or running. I've decided that I can do it and I'm going to try to do it.

'Training-wise, I'll run three to four times a week. I'll try to mix it up a bit to keep it interesting.'

Will Pakes-Geddes - Business Process Lead

'My 2019 challenge is to run 100 miles in one go! Last year I ran, or attempted to run, an event in April called 'The Oner' which is 82 miles. I bummed out at about 70-odd miles. I was absolutely gutted, so I'm repeating that this year, and then I'll just keep going, keep the fitness in my legs.

'Hopefully I'll bust out the 100 in June on the South Downs Way 100.

'I'm training about five or six days a week at the moment. I'm trying to balance my personal life, family life, and clearly you've got to worry about work.'

Alice Peyredieu - Brand Marketing Executive

'In 2019, I want to do the Three Peaks Challenge, which consists of climbing the three highest peaks in the UK.

'I really want to do this challenge because I want to get outdoors a bit more. I really want to explore the UK as well.

'I'll probably do most of my training at the weekends. I'm very lucky that there's the South Downs and the New Forest near where I live, so I think it will be quite easy.

'The only thing I'm going to be sacrificing is probably a bit of time where I'd normally be cycling or running because I cycle mostly on the weekends. It will be worth it in the end when I get to the top.'