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Polar Heart Rate Monitors

When looking for a heart rate sensor, Polar offer four great options with the Polar H10, Polar H9, Polar OH1, and Polar Verity Sense.

All four heart rate monitors provide highly accurate heart rate monitoring and a fantastic array of features. Plus, each use Bluetooth Smart and ANT+, allowing you to connect to a huge variety of training devices, apps, and Polar sports watches.

Here's a quick breakdown of the H10, H9, and Verity sense:

Polar Heart Rate Sensor Comparison Chart 2021

You'll find more on the OH1 in our deep dive sections below. 

Polar H10 N Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H10 N Heart Rate Sensor

The Polar H10 delivers maximum precision, making it the go-to-choice for pro-athletes who are looking for accuracy and connectivity. The H10 is also incredibly affordable and comes with the Polar Pro strap. With its extra interference-preventing electrodes and slip-preventing silicone dots, the monitor ensures accuracy, capturing all the peaks and lows of your heart rate.

Polar H10 N Battery

Perfect for even your longest training sessions, the Polar H10 has a battery that lasts approximately 400 hours. Unlike the rechargeable Polar OH1, which has a battery life of approximately 12 hours, and the Polar Verity Sense, which has a battery life of approximately 20 hours, the H10 can outlast them both and is the ideal choice for ultra-long sessions.

Polar H10 N Memory

The Polar H10 is great for tracking one training session’s heart rate at a time. It stores the stats for one training session, allowing you to train without the nuisance of having to wear or carry an additional device. Once you’ve finished your training session and returned to base, you can sync the H10’s stored training data via ANT+ connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, or 5kHz transmission (Gymlink).

Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor

A great entry-level heart rate monitor, the Polar H9 is incredibly easy to use with its simple interface and affordable price. Meanwhile, the H9 still provides top-quality heart rate monitoring that you can rely on. Like the H10, the H9 is a chest-based heart rate monitor and it comes with the Polar Soft Strap which perfectly aligns the sensor so that it sits as close to your heart as possible.

Polar H9 Battery

Similary to the Polar H10, the H9 heart rate monitor features an extensive battery life. Non-rechargeable, the Polar H9 is powered via a CR205 coin battery that powers the monitor for up to 400 hours.

Polar H9 Memory

Unlike the H10, the Polar H9 doesn’t have a built-in memory function but, with ANT+ connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, and 5kHz transmission (Gymlink), this shouldn’t hold you back. You can easily connect the heart rate monitor to your favourite fitness app, sports watch, gym equipment, and bike computer to record and see your heart rate in real-time.

Polar OH1 + Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1 + Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Ready for action, the Polar OH1 is great for the most active of users. The OH1 is incredibly versatile and comes with an armband and a swimming goggle strap clip that allow you to monitor your heart rate in and out of water (waterproof up to 30m). The advanced heart rate monitor features Polar’s high-quality 6-LED optical heart rate technology.

Polar OH1 + Battery

Great for regular users, the OH1 has a USB rechargeable battery. Better for shorter training days, the OH1 has a battery life of up to 12 hours, whereas the H9 and H10, while not rechargeable, provide more long-term power.

Polar OH1 + Memory

Where the OH1 really packs its punch is in its incredibly extensive memory. The Polar OH1 provides 4MB of memory, which allows you to store up to 200 hours of training data.

Polar Verity Sense

Polar Verity Sense Optical Heart Rate Monitor

The latest heart rate monitor in the Polar collection, the Polar Verity Sense, like the Polar OH1, is an optical heart rate monitor that also records from your arm or temple. Meanwhile, the Verity Sense boosts memory, battery, and waterproofing (waterproof up to 50m) making it the perfect option for those that like to take their training to the extreme.

Polar Verity Sense Battery

Like the Polar OH1, the Polar Verity Sense also has a rechargeable battery which will keep the monitor powered for an impressive 20 hours of training. When it’s time to charge, the Verity Sense comes with a USB charging cable that makes charging quick and easy.

Polar Verity Sense Memory

Out of all the Polar heart rate monitors, the Verity Sense is the most impressive when it comes to memory. The sensor features built-in memory that can store up to 600 hours of HR training. The data can then be easily synced with any of your devices via ANT+ and Bluetooth. This is the only heart rate monitor in the Polar collection that doesn’t feature 5kHz transmission capability.


The four Polar heart rate monitors each provide fantastic options and features. From the entry-level of the Polar H9 to the more advance Polar H10, Polar OH1, and the Polar Verity Sense, each offer unique specifications to match your specific needs from a heart rate monitor.

If you are looking for something rechargeable – then the Polar OH1 or Polar Verity Sense are for you. But if you are looking for an extensive battery life that can last days out on the trail, then the 400-hour battery life of the Polar H9 or H10 are probably a better pick.

If you are looking for something with extensive memory, then you are probably better off with the Polar Verity Sense or the Polar OH1.

Or, if you prefer a chest-based heart rate monitor rather than one that uses an armband, then the Polar H9 or Polar H10 are the ones for you.

Although there are clear distinctions between the four Polar heart rate monitors, it’s good to keep in mind that all three sensors are incredibly versatile, and each provide precision heart rate monitoring. Each of the sensors will enable you to train smarter with heart rate data that can help you reach your training goals.

Polar Heart Rate Sensor Comparison Chart 2021

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