For Spring/Summer 2019, GripGrab wants to brighten up your cycling look with the 'CLR UP' collection. The great quality and classic styling you expect from the brand with a bold injection of colour. We asked Wiggle rider Ben White to do some road-testing.

Danish company GripGrab has long established itself as a go-to brand for quality cycle accessories. I’ve used many of their products in the past. The Hurricane Winter Gloves have become a staple of my winter riding gear. In the warmer months, I love to wear their incredibly comfortable summer socks. When the call went out at Wiggle HQ to test some of their new gear I was keen to get involved!

For 2019 GripGrab has introduced the 'CLR UP!' range which features beautifully bold colours. The most striking are the bright pink and vibrant light blue, but there are also classic whites, reds and navy within the range. All colours maintain a seamlessly clean look due to the simple designs and lack of any fussy patterns.

I’ve been testing some bright blue GripGrab Lightweight SL Socks. Considering they're such a lightweight sock, the material feels rugged and durable yet soft and comfortable. On the bike, they keep my feet feeling fresh all day thanks to the excellent wicking properties of the fabric.

The length is ideal for me as they sit comfortably below my calf muscle. That's long enough to look sharp but not anywhere close to challenging the UCI sock length rules. The bright blue colour provides a vivid contrast to the black shoes I use daily but also complements the crazier patterns of my Empire Knits! The styling is so clean and simple that it makes it very easy to coordinate with most of my cycling wardrobe.

A good cycling cap is another essential for me. It has traditionally been worn through spring and autumn to keep the heat in and deflect the rain away from your eyes, but more recently it's become an all-seasons essential for many cyclists.

With a lightweight mesh body, the GripGrab Summer Cycling Cap is designed to be used in warmer conditions to help wick away moisture and stop sweat from beading into your eyes. I’ve found the lightweight fabric offers excellent ventilation and is ideal on those scorching summer days to stop the sunscreen dripping and stinging your eyes!

I’ve also really enjoyed using the GripGrab Aerolite InsideGrip™ Glove gloves. This came as a surprise to me as I generally, perhaps somewhat unwisely, avoid wearing gloves in summer, preferring instead the feel and grip of good bar tape against my palms.

Gloves are rarely thought of as a piece of safety kit but anyone that’s been unfortunate enough to come off their bike at speed will know that your palms are often one of the first points of contact with the tarmac. The palms of your gloves would take a lot of this punishment if you're wearing them but if not it's your bare hands and that's not pretty!

The Aerolite gloves may have changed my mind about gloves. The feel is as close to riding gloveless as I’ve ever experienced with a pair of mitts. There’s no chunky gel padding or substantial seams. I could feel the contours of the bar tape through the soft faux-suede fabric of the palm. The cuff sits low on the wrist and I barely noticed them whilst riding. They’re a very well-designed pair of minimalist mitts.

With the 'CLR UP!' range, GripGrab has delivered simple styling in eye-catching colours that not only performs during high-intensity rides but also looks fantastic.