In this latest update from the Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling Team, we talk with Mayuko Hagiwara, after a hot and hectic Ride London Classique!


Racing update

Hi! It's Mayuko Hagiwara, of Wiggle High5.

After competing in 2 long stage races - the Giro Rosa and the Internationale Thuringen Rundfahrt der Frauen; I then took part in the RideLondon Classique, which will become the first British event to join the UCI World Tour next year!

The route was 5km long, in the heart of London. Although the distance of the race was quite short, at juust 66km; the race attracted large crowds of spectators.

I previously thought it would be more of a criterium, than a road race; but it was actually fast and furious, from start to finish, with the average speed was 44km! I'm no good at this type of race at all!

I could hardly be out front for the team, ending up with being drawn by the peloton.

We missed the podium as a team, but reacted very positively, as we tried our hardest. We raised our spirit to move on at the post-race meeting!

Our next race will be La Route de France held in France from August 7th to 14th. We will do our best as a team aiming at winning!


High5 Nutrition at Ride London

At Ride London, we visited the Expo, where High5 Nutrition had their own booth; which you could imagine from the cycle show held in Japan. I personally liked the idea very much of sampling their nutrition or sports drink, at this kind of event.

As I recommended at the booth, High5 Zero tablet is very simple to make.  To make one portion of sports drink, you just need to add one or two tablets to a glass of water. You also can choose from various flavours, and caffeinated ones.

It's zero-calorie and quite useful for me: I use this tablet mostly for training, as well as pre/post race. Some of my teammates put a tablet in their sports drink, for extra hydration salts during the race.

It's very easy to carry around, too! Highly recommended for hot condition in summer!

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Tim Wiggins
Published on: 09 Aug 2016

Tim Wiggins is an avid cyclist, involved in all aspects of the sport. Whether it is mountain bike marathons, or 500km road rides... he loves life on two wheels. He is also a keen trail runner in the off-season!