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Auro Run Wiggle Run Club

Fitness brands Wiggle and Auro have launched a new partnership that gives people free access to expert training as part of their joint bid to help the nation start running.

The partnership has created the Wiggle Run Club featuring an exclusive free 30-day trial of Auro's hugely popular audio personal training app. By joining the club, you get access to a six-week program delivered by Auro’s expert personal trainers, with each week focusing on a different area of running.

And along with on-demand access to motivation and coaching, joining the club means you can win big with prizes worth £160 as the Run Club winner.

The partnership provides exclusive access to a 30-day free trial to try out the motivational audio workouts and see how they can help you reach your fitness goals.

Auro Wiggle Run Club

Wiggle Run Club is a tailored six-week program with world-class run coaching on strength, conditioning, stretching and mobility workouts.

Along with weekly audio training plans, tips on form, pace, and nutrition, there are great prizes to be won.

The 30-day free trial is a product of the Wiggle & Auro partnership and is available now through the Auro app.

What Is The Wiggle Run Club?

The Wiggle Run Club is a six-week program delivered by expert personal trainers. Each week will focus on a different area of running. 

Week 1: Breathing

The focus here is breathing and in these three workouts you’ll learn to connect with your breath and also control and harness it to power your workouts. Proper breathing during exercise is essential to maximise oxygen intake.

Week 2: Posture

This week you’ll learn about how poor posture can negatively affect your overall well-being and will learn to correct this by mastering certain drills aimed at specific problem-areas of the body.

Week 3: Pace

This week you’ll learn how to use different running speeds in your training to help maximise your sessions.

Week 4: HIIT

In this week you’ll learn more about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is a type of training that induces a state of post-workout elevated oxygen consumption in the body, the benefits of which are numerous.

Week 5: Endurance

The opposite of HIIT — endurance training requires you to perform at lower effort levels but for longer periods of time.

Week 6: All In

In the last week of the program all you need to do is give it your best and put to the test everything you’ve learned over the last six weeks.

Why Run With The Wiggle Run Club?

Auro Wiggle Run Club

Group running proves to add a lot more benefits to your workout routine. Here’s how:

1. Motivation On The Move

Running with others encourages you to do better, you keep each other going and stay motivated throughout your workout. Having someone there to push you that little further makes a world of a difference.

2. Learn With Experts & Reach Your Goals

With the Wiggle Run Club, the community is a great space to share your goals and stay determined with friendly competition. The leaderboard will provide you with encouragement to stay on your top form at all times - you'll always be striving to become the very best. 

3. It’s Fun!

It’s a lot more fun when you’re working out with others and running together. You can make new friends within the Wiggle Run Club and also get your peers moving with you. Switching up your routine keeps your workout fresh and interesting, allowing you to maintain strong willpower.

Run club members will also be able to support each other by sharing their workouts, tips and achievements. The Wiggle Run Club will also host challenges allowing you to compete against other users for awesome fitness prizes, including a £100 Wiggle gift voucher and an annual Auro membership.

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