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Christina with friends on holiday

In this blog, Wiggle's own brand marketing manager Christina Lindquist talks about her goals for 2015 and what challenges she has lined up for the year ahead.

This year I will cross the finish line at Ironman Zurich - Christina Lindquist

I have to say that sentence with conviction, not 'I will attempt' 'I will take part in' 'I will try my hand at'...otherwise it won't happen! I've never been one for doing things by halves but this is quite a big undertaking that I am not afraid to say I am pretty scared of! I'm not that new to endurance events having racked up a few marathons, sportives, triathlons and an Ironman 70.3 in the past few years, however the full 140.6 is a whole new ball game...and one that needs some serious training hours put in!

Start the year with a holiday - #goodstuff

So how did I start my 2015? Full forced thrown into training following a strict schedule? Nope. I went on a two week holiday in the Caribbean followed by managing an international photoshoot for a new dhb range. Good start!

Well actually it wasn't that bad, my boyfriend has also signed up for Ironman Zurich so we committed to fitting in lots of training during our holiday in Tobago.

Swimming was the main focus, it's a rare treat for triathletes to get to swim in crystal clear (and warm!) sea water in January, so we made the most of it with regular sunset swims at our nearest bay.

Sunset over a beach in Tobago

We also managed to seek out the Tobagan biking scene by exploring on the MTB's with local legend Damian who then invited us to join in their road racing team ride.

Two cyclists underneath a large low-lying tree branch

Christina cycling up an uneven off-road track

It was great fun to get to know the island better by bike, I even clocked up a load of QOM's on Strava...imagine my disappointment when I saw that was because I was the ONLY female to have ridden those segments!!

To finish off the trio of disciplines, we managed to squeeze in a few early morning beach runs, trying to stay off the roads as the Tobagans like to drive pretty crazily and beep loudly at random tourists running in the 30+ degree heat.

Now I'm back to reality, full into the swing of training, and prepping for the season ahead. I've signed up for lots of events and booked a couple of long training weekends in April and May to keep me on track. So the hard work begins...!

Christina's 2015 season


Human Race Lidl Breakfast Run

Wiggle Ashdown Sportive

Surrey Spitfire 20 mile Run


Brighton Marathon

Wiggle Ups and Downs Sportive


Human Race Chiltern 100 Sportive


Wiggle Dragon Ride

Etonman Middleman Triathlon (70.3 distance)


Zurich Ironman


Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100

5 Tips for Pre-Season Training

  • Get your races booked in early doors, so you have lots of milestones to aim for and no excuses for missing sessions!
  • Try and get in some warm weather training to avoid the winter blues, although you might be better off booking a proper training holiday than one mixed with beach time and rum punch!
  • Layer up! Get properly kitted out so you can train outdoors all through the winter months - there's no such thing as bad weather! (I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't suggest you check out dhb's selection of all weather gear!)
  • Swim outdoors if you can, to keep yourself in the right environment, there are lots of heated (or unheated for the brave!) outdoor pools, I use the hidden gem near our London office of Oasis Leisure centre – 27m heated outdoor pool in Central London – who knew!
    Have a training plan and stick to it! All the hours you put in will be rewarded on your event day.

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Christina is the Marketing Manager for our Own Brands at Wiggle. She has always been a keen sportsperson, getting involved in everything from basketball to horse riding but has spent the last few years training for various marathons and triathlons.