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Now into deepest June my year of challenges is now well under way. One of my favourite events has now been and gone (Endure24), however there is still plenty to look forward too!

Completed Events so far!

Brighton Marathon

A very sunny April day greeted me as I headed down to Brighton for the marathon, and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. The crowds were enormous, the atmosphere electric. Crossing that line was immense.

Team Wiggle! Adam, Matt, Damien, Ben and Del

It was a tough run. I got carried away at the start and the unexpected heat took its toll. After a blistering first half I was well on target for 3:45, however it all came crashing down in the later half. Legs got heavy, quads started to hurt. Sadly the second half of the marathon is not as spectacular as the first and keeping motivation round by the power station was not easy! However I kept going (no walking!) and in the end I’m pretty happy with the time. Defiantly planning on doing another in the near future!

  • Event Rating – 8/10
  • Finish Time – 4:04

Mizuno Endure24 (24 hour endurance trail run)

Start finish line, waiting for Rich to finish off the team!

One of my favourite events of 2014 was the Endure 24 event. The event carries the tagline ‘Glastonbury for runners’ and it delivers. 24 hours of off road cross country running. This year we were in a team of eight and clocked up about 20 miles or so each. However you don’t get much rest in between laps (sadly not enough for much sleep!) which adds to the event. There is nothing like the midnight lap. Running with your head torch on, tired, sleepy and deep in the woods, it’s really surreal!

Relaxing in camp!

As a team this year we clocked up 4 laps each at 5 miles. We had a nice mixed bag of runners, and it was a brilliant weekend. Well worth a look! Would recommend It to anyone!

Team Wiggle – Adam, Ben, Alex, Anastajia, Lara, Chris, Rich and David.

  • Event Rating – 10/10
  • Finish Time – 24 hours!

Events still to come!

South Downs Half Marathon - June

Not quite fancying the full off road marathon just yet, I’m going for the half. Set in the beautiful South Downs this promises to be a great run!

South Downs half marathon

Wiggle CX Century - July

100 mile sportive on the CX bike. From Winchester to Eastbourne. All in one day. Wiggle CX Sportive CX Century The South Downs Way 2015 sounds amazing and I can’t wait for this one!

Wiggle CX Century logo

Riding up Snowdon - August

Whilst not technically an event, three of us from Wiggle are riding from our offices in Portsmouth to Snowdon (over 3 days), then up to the summit on our adventure road bikes, showing that anything is possible with these beasts!

Loch Gu Loch – September

The Loch Gu Loch is the first swim run event in Scotland. This is going to be epic. Training is well underway now and blog coming shortly!

Loch Gu Loch logo

The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

The Original Mountain Marathon is one of my all-time favourite events, and one I’ve competed in for two years running now. Two of you, carrying all your equipment in the mountains orienteering to score points. Absolutely brilliant. One of the best weekends of the year!

I’m sure there are going to be lots of events squeezed in around these so keep your eyes peeled for updates on my year!!!

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