Fifty. For many of us, it's a milestone we'll want to remember. A holiday of a lifetime, a gathering of all of our family and friends, a dream purchase...

With only three years left of his 40s, David Pearson came up with a more unusual way to mark the big five-o.  

Fifty challenges before fifty.

David had always been active in his youth. He represented his county in athletics and was passionate about the great outdoors. 

However, as it does for most of us, life got in the way and he didn't exercise at all for over twenty years. All that fitness from his younger years faded and the inevitable weight gain crept up.

He decided to do something about it back in 2014 so he joined a gym. The hard work paid off but as he was regaining his fitness and losing the weight he couldn't help but wonder if something was missing. What was the endgame?

That's when he came up with his unique challenge. At 47 years old, could he complete fifty challenges before he reached fifty? 

We'll be following David throughout the year as he works through the list. 

David's 2019 Challenges

What's in David's Kit Bag?

David's 2019 Challenges

With twenty challenges already ticked off, David's got thirty to go. Here's the four main events that he's commited to:

What's in David's kit bag?

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle

This watch is great for me because it has lots of options for tracking activity. I've used it in the pool, on runs and I'm looking forward to using it on the bike. I can upload my data wirelessly to Garmin Connect so it's easy to monitor my progress. There's a lot of performance data that I don't quite understand yet but that will come with more training.

Zone3 Men's Vision Wetsuit

This fits really well. The shoulders feel very flexible and don't restrict movement. I can't wait to try it on the open water once the weather improves.

Zoggs Original Predator Flex

Great fit, easy to adjust and no fog. My new go-to goggles for the pool.


Zoggs Predator Panel Jammer and Zoggs Checker Jett Jammer

I used to swim in board shorts so these jammers were a big change. They fit really well, the legs do not ride up and feel really comfortable. A bonus is that they look great.


Salomon Drifter Loft Jacket 

This is such a great colour and fit and I love the reversible option. My new go-to jacket in cold, dry conditions. The only thing missing is a hood but a hat does the job nicely.


Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery (1.6kg)

Banana wouldn't usually be my first choice of flavour but this is easy to mix, no lumpy bits and, most importantly, it actually tastes nice. I've been using it after my pool swims.

Science in Sport Gel Variety Pack (10x60ml)

The texture makes these gels easy to swallow. Handy for that energy boost when you are flagging.


Science in Sport GO Hydro Tablets (20 Tabs)

I tried the pineapple and mango which is great if you have a sweet tooth. The recommended dose is one tablet per 500ml of water but it's easy to customise the strength to your liking by using more water or halving the tablets.

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