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Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle and we challenged Adam Walker and Alice Hector to put it through the pro athlete test.

Meet the testers

Adam Walker

Adam Walker is an inspirational endurance swimmer and the first Briton to swim the toughest 7 oceans in the world.






Alice Hector

Alice Hector is a professional IRONMAN triathlete who has ambitious plans in elite world and European triathlon championships.







Adam: Minimal drag, barely noticed them on which is what you want from a pair of shorts. They have a perfect sleek feel with no need to adjust, they hugged my body perfectly.

Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle

Alice: The products are very user friendly, easy to get on, and unrestricted in any range of movement and doing any stroke.

I love that the swimsuits are designed to last forever! With a lifetime guarantee on the fabric, Zoggs are providing a revolutionary service. Replacing see through swimming costumes every six weeks is now a thing of the past.

Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle


Adam: Predator is a very smart trendy range, with a very cool look without the design being too in your face. It is in keeping with the Predator Flex range and they fit well together.

Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle

Alice: The Predator range has something for every type of taste, and is engineered to withstand the demands of heavy training. The swimsuits are flattering, smart and comfortable.

The sizing is accurate with a good length and flattering cut. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose your level of coverage – and go with either a medium leg or leg suit. My favourite fit was the high-neck costume. I’ll definitely be using this to train in. If you feel good before you get in, chances are you’ll feel good in the water too.

Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle


Adam: The have a very comfortable fit when putting them on and very comfortable when swimming which is even more important with what I do as I am swimming all day. The Predator Flex range of are such a comfortable fit. I have worn different alternatives across my channel swims and the smokey lens looks a really great addition to the range!

Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle

Alice: As a high-performance athlete spending many hours in the pool, any pressure points quickly escalate. The soft seams and necklines of the suits mean the chafe-factor is low, and I am free to concentrate on the pain of the training rather than the rubs – not something that is a given with other brands.

The Zoggs Predator Range

The men’s swimwear consists of

The women’s swimwear consists of

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